about NEKWE

Northeast Kansas Writers Exchange

Bryon Cannon’s catsignal blog inspired several imaginative writers in our area to start blogs of their own and join in a “Northeast Kansas Writers Exchange.” We share creative writing challenges and mutual criticism.

This group is simple to join:

  • Post your work elsewhere — either on your own blog, or in another space for writers.
  • Send me a note via the “contact” page to add to the list in the sidebar a link to your blog, if you have one, or to your profile page on a writers’ blog. Include the link and make sure your email address is typed right. (I won’t be posting your email, but I need to be able to contact you.)
  • When you post a piece you’d like to share and receive critical comments, put a link to it here. Do not post the actual work here — only a link. Entire works will be deleted! (See the “posting your work” tab for instructions).
  • Subscribe to this blog (right sidebar), or if you want to be selective, visit the members’ blogs you’re interested in and subscribe to them individually.
  • Read other writers’ work as you have time, comment on it as you feel moved, and welcome their comments on yours.

It’s even simpler to quit. If you don’t enjoy it, just stop posting links, and use the “contact” tab to send me a message asking me to remove your blog from the list. If you don’t like the comments of your subscribers, just delete them.

As a courtesy, put a link to this NEKWE site on your own site (here’s how). If you don’t have a blog of your own, it’s easy and free to set up a WordPress blog like this. Instructions here.

The goal is to write regularly, share results, and offer mutual criticism. A few reasonable guidelines:

  1. Proofread before you post.
  2. Read others’ work and comment when you can.
  3. Criticize the work of others as you would have others criticize yours.
  4. Thank those who are helping you develop your craft.

Reader-response criticism is usually the most helpful: “Took too long to get my interest” … “I was led to expect something interesting and nothing happened” … “The protagonist is so irritating I stopped reading.” Most writers are not offended by frank remarks like these because they help them to improve their craft. Just say how the work affected you. You don’t have to suggest how to fix it, but you can if you want to.

To a writer, brave and frank reader response is pure gold.

Creative Commons licensing

We recommend licensing your work under the Creative Commons. Many online writers use a straightforward license like this, but you can design your own agreement. Licensing your work this way is free. Just go here, follow the simple instructions, and create your own license.

You’re responsible for notifying readers of your copyright. Visit various NEKWE sites for noticing examples. If you prefer, you can use the old-fashioned format:

     © 2010 John Doe – all rights reserved